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I am always delighted when my clients let me know how Bowen Therapy and Scar Tissue Release has helped them. Below are a few examples. 

"We drove all the way home from Vancouver yesterday and I couldn’t believe that I wasn’t in any pain! I usually have terrible side/back pain where my gallbladder surgery was, but none yesterday. I’m still blown away with your work on my diaphragm and have been breathing easier as I keep getting better. Thank you so much for all the work you did on me this last time."


Anna Boyo


"Alandra is very knowledgeable about the body and how Bowen Therapy works. Add in her acute intuition and you have a great team for your body's health. While there were many improvements under Alandra's care, what she did for my migraines and menstrual issues was almost unbelievable. I am still pleased with the results after months of no therapy time. Bowen assists your body to reset, readjust and re-balance. Thank you Alandra." 

Jody Goodman

"Have had numerous Bowen sessions with Alandra and she is very knowledgeable and thorough. She also has a keen intuitive sense with her work that is right on. It's a type of bodywork that is very different from any that I've experienced but she and the work are very effective. On top of that she's a lovely person. I highly recommend her."

Rita Montgomery

"For several years I at times have had the sense my diaphragm was too tight to allow deep, comfortable breathing. I read online that within the Bowen Therapy protocols there is a diaphragm release technique that works for both respiration and digestion. Alandra performed this technique for me; the release was painless and immediate. I practically heard my lungs giggle."

Wendy B

"I injured my wrist several years ago, had surgery and recently re-injured it. The dr's said I would have to go to Physio but one session with Alandra has already changed so much with my pain, circulation and scars. I'm very appreciative of her work and her kind soul. Definitely recommend to anyone who has scars from surgeries or pain in the body to check this technique out!"

Kory Adrianne Bourque

"Alandra’s Bowen technique is the most gentle and effective touch I have had ever experienced. She helped me relieve pain in several parts of my aching body, stress out and sleep better, and her scar therapy is amazing! Try it to believe it!"

Jéssica Madinabeitia

"Alandra is a sincere and caring healer who can help you with your acute or chronic pain, or simple to maintain balance within you body."

Nicole Clark

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